Summer Team 2013

In the summer of 2013, a team of 11 St David’s College pupils and 3 staff members travelled to Uganda. This trip was unlike any before as we finally saw our medical centre being opened to the Maya community for dental work, in partnership with Dentaid. 

Pupils had raised just over £1000 to enable them to assist in the renovation of a family's small shack in Maya. The team worked hard to create a home for the family living there by making significant improvements to the building foundations and structure.

With a number of medically trained team members, we were able to offer dental treatment not just in Maya, but in villages in the south and west of Uganda.

We visited many schools where we were always met with a warm reception, enabling us to start new friendships and build on existing ones.

The team also distributed 100 roller barrels to families who have limited access to clean water across the country.