Did you know that in 1 day, 1 cow can produce enough manure to generate 3 hours of electricity?

The Need

The people of Uganda are well known for their resourceful nature, in a country where necessity is most definitely the mother of invention. One such necessity is power, and the decreasing affordability and reliability of electricity in Uganda over recent years has moved John Njendahayo to research the possibility of using various forms of human, animal and plant waste to make biogas. John found that there had been little if any research conducted in this field and this spurred him on to do his own research into alternative sources of energy for Uganda.


The solution

Having successfully built and tested a biogas digester for his parents' home in Mityana, western Uganda, John is now replicating the model all over Uganda. If used widely this could lead to cheaper energy, better health and a better environment for all. John's parents currently use the energy for cooking on modified stoves and for lighting their house in rural Mityana, an area where many other houses have no mains power supply at all. Any waste produced by the biodigester is also put to good use as fertiliser for crops.


The Future

If well developed, we believe the country could be relieved of rural energy shortage problems. The benefits for women, who do the majority of the cooking and housework, would be immeasurable. 

John has now installed digesters in various cattle and pig farming regions of Uganda. Our short term goal is to have a biodigester installed and providing power at each of our project sites. Our long term goal is to see biodigesters used across Uganda as an alternative locally sustainable fuel.

John has just completed a working biolatrine at a children's home near Mukono, just north of Kampala. Thus finding a solution to providing hygienic toilets and fuel!


If you would like to help with the funding of our biofuel project or would like to visit us in Mityana to see how it could benefit you, please do get in touch with us.