Alli Crafts

Alli Crafts seeks to empower parents and carers of children and adults with special needs in Uganda through community based skills sharing and income generating activities so that they can better provide for the extra needs of their families.


The Need

In the poverty stricken country of Uganda, children and adults with special needs are largely seen as a burden on families and their resources. This means that they are often mistreated, neglected and even shunned by their families and by society. A secondary issue is that mothers are often blamed for their child’s disability and can be consequently divorced by their husbands.

the Solution

Alli Crafts began in January 2015. It was founded by Fran Hall who has a passion for empowering the disabled and their families. Over the last two years Alli Crafts has focused on providing sewing and tailoring training classes to parents and carers of the disabled. In addition we have recently begun to provide sponsorship for the children's schooling.