St. David's College

1992 was the starting point of a link forged between North Wales and Kampala, when 14 year John Njendahayo was sponsored to study at St David's College in Llandudno.

Back in his home country of Uganda after completing his studies, John Njendahayo wanted to continue the relationships he had made in the UK. Link International Innovation grew from John and Tim's passion for facilitating the development of young people's ideas, values and skills through life changing experiences.

At Link International Innovation we see many young people's values challenged, passions released, and talents realised when they experience life and work in Uganda. Such is the bond built between the UK and Uganda's young people that many return for second, third, fourth, and even fifth visits to
continue the relationships and work they have started. 

We have been taking young people to Uganda since 2005. 

The efforts of the charity have gained pace and now LII's focus has moved forwards from working only in Uganda to work in the UK as well, supporting creative education and conflict resolution in schools.